8/17/17 West Lafayette police

A 22-year-old woman was arrested on charges of battery resulting in bodily injury after punching another woman.

West Lafayette Police Department officers responded to a call of battery in a Littleton Street apartment just after midnight on March 23. Officers found multiple people shouting in the apartment, according to a probable cause affidavit, and several women inside explained the alleged victim was at the back of the apartment.

The victim was found in a bathroom holding a blood-soaked towel to her head. She explained that Elaine Doyle was upset with a mutual friend and had allegedly thrown a champagne bottle at her, but instead hit the victim. The victim noted that she was not originally aware of the cuts on her head, but had been drinking, which officers said might have explained why she was unaware of her injury.

Doyle was found outside the apartment, and was “insistent that she knew and understood her Miranda rights.”

She explained that the group had been drinking throughout the night while celebrating a friend’s birthday. Doyle said one woman told Doyle she needed to “get over the death of her father and to stop using his death as an excuse for her behavior,” the affidavit states. Another police officer narrative said that Doyle punched the woman who made the comments in the side of the head and in her chest. Others in the apartment then tried to separate the two, and Doyle was told to leave.

Doyle then allegedly picked up a champagne bottle and meant to throw it at the woman, but instead threw it at the door. The victim was near the door and was hit instead. Court documents specified that it is “more likely that Doyle was aiming to hit (the victim) ... with the bottle and missed, hitting (the victim’s) right side of her head.”

The woman punched complained of throbbing pain in her nose and head. She said she would be willing to press charges after officers questioned her.

The victim refused assistance in bringing her to the hospital, signed a medical release form and then took an Uber to St. Elizabeth East hospital, per the affidavit.

At first, she did not want to pursue charges against Doyle but later changed her mind, according to the affidavit.

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