Several local activist organizations led group conversations Saturday on the lawn of the Tippecanoe County Courthouse in an effort to promote discussion of the county's budget, harm reduction and other topics. Directory of Policy for the Younger Women's Task Force Vanessa Pacheco described the event not as a protest, but as an "action," a conversation that will help find solutions to problems many face.

Passersby and fellow activists formed groups on the courthouse lawn, answering questions like "What is a crime?" and "What early responses to harm did you see growing up?" While discussions continued on the lawn, posters affixed to nearby cars displayed an abridged version of the 2018 county budget. A separate poster gave passersby a chance to describe other services they'd like to see funded more in the community.

The event was organized by a group within YWTF called The Collective, along with the group Showing Up for Racial Justice. Later in the afternoon, short skits demonstrated different ways to deescalate perceived conflict between strangers.