Stepping out into the county fairgrounds this week brings a confusing, yet comforting set of smells to ones attention. To one side, the sweet smells of caramel, butter, cotton candy and fried food grabs the attention of hungry patrons. To the other, the quaint smell of hay, dirt and farm animals gives off a sense of comfort, reminding one of the Indiana countryside. 

Whether you're there for the carnival rides or the 4-H displays, there is sure to be something for the whole family to enjoy.

Monday night brought out kids age three and up along with many adults with the annual pie eating competition. 

After, visitors made their way to the equestrian arena to check out the junior riders in barrel racing, and other equine competitions. 

Many families hung around the carnival side, checking out rides like the hang gliders and paying to play games, with hopes of winning small stuffed animals.