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Luka the 4-year-old husky loves all of his toys, but his favorite is a hollow rubber bone his owner periodically fills with sprayable cheese. Except for a brief stint of giardia and asymptomatic Lyme disease, he is in good health.

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A supporting PUPD officer comes to the scene of the altercation between student Adonis Tuggle and Purdue police officer Jon Selke on Feb. 4. The officer's camera shows the interaction between Selke and Tuggle, and Tuggle is put in handcuffs. The officer is later seen talking to Tuggle's girl…

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Amid a new litter of puppies commanding attention from their pen, the bustle of volunteers taking dogs on walks, potential adopters coming in and mama dog, Ellie, demanding to be let out, Jackie Becker manages the chaos with a smile and pets for all the dogs.

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