Purdue Meme

The Purdue Memes Facebook page has attracted campus-wide attention, going from only a few fans to more than 5,000 in fewer than two weeks.

An Internet meme is an idea, based on a specific culture, that is transmitted by means of the World Wide Web. Memes are photos consistent with different wording each time.

College meme Facebook pages are becoming more and more popular as a way to share inside jokes and cultural anecdotes.

The creator of Purdue’s memes page, who wishes to remain anonymous, said he saw a meme about another school, shared by a friend. Being somewhat of an entrepreneur himself, he decided to start a page for the University.

“The purpose is really just for fun,” the creator said. “A lot of stuff out there is funny, and this brings those things to Facebook.”

The creator started contests to get more people to contribute their own memes, as well as to make the page more interactive.

Kristen Pesut, a freshman in the College of Health and Human Sciences, was the winner of one of the first caption contests. Following the recent car crash into Jake’s Roadhouse, there was a meme contest for a clever caption for a picture of the accident.

Pesut submitted, “That awkward moment when you realize Jake’s isn’t a drive-through,” and won the caption contest through popular votes.

The creator said this meme not only won that contest but has been one of the most liked and shared posts on the page.

“I don’t know how I thought of it,” Pesut said. “The picture just popped up and everyone likes the ‘awkward moment’ jokes.”

She said the memes page is a great way to bring the University together to share inside jokes only Purdue students and faculty will understand.

One faculty member, who doesn’t even have a Facebook account, is now familiar with the page. On Feb. 10, Vi Coe, a Windsor Residence Hall service worker, was given a shout out through a memes post.

Coe, known to students as Grandma Vi, has swiped students’ Windsor On-The-Go purchases for 16 years, and she’s loved every minute of it.

The post, by Rachel Bugg, a student in the College of Agriculture, referenced students’ affection for long-time staff member Vi Coe.

The meme, commonly known as “The Success Kid,” said “Go to Windsor On-The-Go, Grandma Vi is working.” The post, which has 166 likes, was later printed out and taped to the Windsor doors so Coe could see it.

“I do appreciate the picture,” Coe said. “I think it’s pretty neat. I love my students.”

Through anecdotal posts and shared Purdue jokes, the memes page is quickly becoming a popular source of entertainment, which was the creator’s original intention.

Another popular meme is the “One Does Not Simply Walk into Mordor,” displaying a character from “Lord of the Rings.” One of the most popular posts of this meme reads, “One Does Not Simply Connect to PAL2.0,” and as of Thursday night, has 117 likes.

Along with popular posts, there have also been some that the creator thought should be removed from the page.

He said there have been some instances of moderation and censorship on the memes page in cases of pornography, gore and extreme racism.

“If there’s ever a problem with the page, I’ll try and fix it,” the creator said. “Otherwise, I’m going to just let it grow.”

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