EDITOR’S NOTE: Back in April, when it looked unlikely that college football could play a normal 2020 season, I pitched an idea to my editors to preview Purdue Football’s pre-COVID-19 2020 schedule in the conditional past tense. I wanted to talk about the things we would have — or might have … Read more

The Exponent is glad to see an apparent change in presidential attitude when it comes to protecting its students’ well-being, especially at such a critical time in our nation’s history. Read more

Given that a lot of us are stuck inside for longer periods of time than normal, I’ve assembled a list of some of my favorite books. Included are several novels that seem fitting for the present circumstances. Or, after skimming through the list, you can just go back to watching Netflix. Read more

I recently wrote about finding a large Purdue basketball sign near a dumpster behind Sylvia Street. That sign has been resting comfortably in my room ever since, and on Sunday, it got a buddy. Read more

In our last print edition, we sports editors detailed our favorite sports movies of all time. I raised some eyebrows when I revealed that my favorite is “Caddyshack,” the 1980 farce about sex, drugs and golf directed by Harold Ramis. Read more

Thursday night football this past week featured the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cleveland Browns in a rivalry game, but what happened at the end might have changed National Football League history. Read more

To those with enough grit to stand up to the injustices of discrimination that still ripple across this campus, stand proudly. Read more

These selections are based upon criteria to limit recency bias, favoritism and the impact of an athlete’s career. The selections are based solely on the athlete’s success at Purdue, not factoring in professional or international competitions and victories. They also do not take into consider… Read more

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Human rights activist and Russian chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov spoke to an audience at Loeb Playhouse as part of Purdue's presidential series, Tuesday night. Purdue President Mitch Daniels hosted the event, asking Kasparov various questions about freedom and politics. Towards the end of …

Letters to the Editor

As someone who went through rush, pledged, was initiated and became a pledge trainer in my house while dinosaurs still roamed on campus, the sorority rush story came across as mean-spirited and bitter by those with a potential axe to grind.

I am a woman at Purdue involved in the Delta Delta Delta sorority. After reading your “Why the Rush?” article published on September 7th, I feel many positive aspects of joining a sorority were left out. I can’t speak for every chapter at Purdue, but you chose to use only pictures of my chap…

As of Oct. 1, Purdue’s radio station will no longer belong to Purdue thanks to a decision executed by President Mitch Daniels and the Board of Trustees. This decision is short-sighted and thumbs its nose at the rich tradition Purdue has of communicating with its staff, its community and, thr…

The spirit of Boilermaker kindness and care was on full display last week. As a graduate student and staff person with mobility challenges, I had a difficult day, the first day of the fall semester, getting to my classroom in mechanical engineering, a building I am very unfamiliar with. I us…

I have known many outstanding people at Purdue. This week my wife and I received an envelope from Dauch Alumni Center which contained 18 letters of appreciation from students in Aerospace Engineering. Each person was thankful to have been awarded a scholarship currently from the Oilar Endowment.

Purdue announced recently that many two-student rooms such as those found in Owen, Tarkington and Wiley Halls are to be converted into three-student residences to accommodate the largest incoming class Purdue has ever seen. To be blunt, this is a ridiculous and unreasonable measure to force …