Given that a lot of us are stuck inside for longer periods of time than normal, I’ve assembled a list of some of my favorite books. Included are several novels that seem fitting for the present circumstances. Or, after skimming through the list, you can just go back to watching Netflix. Read more

I recently wrote about finding a large Purdue basketball sign near a dumpster behind Sylvia Street. That sign has been resting comfortably in my room ever since, and on Sunday, it got a buddy. Read more

In our last print edition, we sports editors detailed our favorite sports movies of all time. I raised some eyebrows when I revealed that my favorite is “Caddyshack,” the 1980 farce about sex, drugs and golf directed by Harold Ramis. Read more

Thursday night football this past week featured the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cleveland Browns in a rivalry game, but what happened at the end might have changed National Football League history. Read more

To those with enough grit to stand up to the injustices of discrimination that still ripple across this campus, stand proudly. Read more

These selections are based upon criteria to limit recency bias, favoritism and the impact of an athlete’s career. The selections are based solely on the athlete’s success at Purdue, not factoring in professional or international competitions and victories. They also do not take into consider… Read more

Billionaire Howard Schultz delivered his first national policy speech to the country Thursday from a podium in the usually intimate, but on that day relatively roomy, confines of Fowler Hall in Purdue’s Stewart Center. Read more

A recent column written by Purdue President Mitch Daniels touts the value of GPAs when used hand-in-hand with ACT and SAT scores to determine the “grit” of college applicants, a thesis statement clouded by his contradictory rhetoric and antagonistic view of students’ mental health. Read more

Entering the third year of his five-year contract, athletics director Mike Bobinski has been the architect behind the revival for the Purdue football program. His short tenure included the hiring and — more importantly — the retention of head coach Jeff Brohm. Read more

Letters to the Editor

The symbol of the President of the United States is an eagle holding 13 arrows, representing our desire to defend our rights, and in the other talon is an olive branch, symbolizing an equal desire to maintain peace, cooperate, treat people with mercy and forgiveness and to be fair to all. Th…

Purdue is now offering limited indoor seating in Earhart dining hall. This is something we definitely need, since the outdoor tents are already being taken down and students need places to eat. However, Earhart has signs posted asking students to limit their time seated at a table to just 15…

So, has it finally come to pass that people realize we need to have a local economy where people can work, businesses can locate and we can stop shipping off jobs and manufacturing to the cheapest places on Earth? Can we stop seeing people take companies, jobs and production outside of the c…

Amy Coney Barrett has been nominated by Donald Trump for the U.S. Supreme Court. Her nomination, if approved, would continue to add fuel to Trump’s divisive and radical agenda. Barrett does not represent the best interest of this country and the kind of future we want to build.