The Exponent’s Jan. 28 story “Mitch Daniels ready to admit defeat on federal safety-net spending” did not address another defeatist point in President Daniels’ Jan. 27 column in The Washington Post. In the column, he also says "if the climate change computer models prove accurate, it is already too late to prevent the world’s thermometer from rising to levels deemed unacceptable."

In other words, he is saying it is hopeless to fight climate change.

All reasonable scientists agree that current computer models of climate change are doing a fairly good job of predicting changes in climate. They are not saying that it is too late to fight these changes. President Daniels seems to be trying a new tactic of those with vested interests who do not want to address climate change. It has become impossible for them to claim that climate change is not happening, so now they are saying there is no way to address it.

In his new book, “The New Climate War: the Fight to Take Back Our Planet,” leading climate scientist Michael Mann calls this tactic “soft doomism.” Professor Mann is a member of the National Academy of Science and the originator of the “hockey stick” description of the earth’s temperature change. In the book he is optimistic that we can take meaningful steps to fight climate change.

It is very disappointing to see that the president of Purdue, a renowned research university, is making such statements. He should be talking to and learning from Purdue scientists who know the problem. He is either scientifically ignorant or purposely spouting the views of his political friends. Purdue deserves a president who appreciates science and does not embarrass its distinguished scientists.

— Frank Chambers, Purdue alumnus

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