When I hear of the imminent destruction of Purdue Village, I cannot help but feel indignant and skeptical of the project. I feel indignant on the very basis of how the project is spoken of. We say Purdue Village is set to be destroyed and leave it at that. What about the families? What about those who need affordable housing and who have so long relied on Purdue for such? What have we become? What has Purdue become? A community no longer, an institution dead set on “progress” at the expense of the vulnerable.

“But they’ve been planning this since 2002! And they are planning on replacing it,” one might say. But upon hearing this, I’ve only become more skeptical of the project. We do not plan to put the new graduate housing on top of the old, so why have we not first built the new housing? New graduate buildings delayed by a few years only create empty spaces, but new married student housing delayed by a few years only creates the possibility of harming families, specifically those in vulnerable financial situations.

Maybe I don’t know the whole story; maybe this isn’t as bad as it seems. But I cannot help but feel that I have not seen an acceptable level of overtness on the matter from our University, and I beg Mr. Daniels to show commitment to actions that will address the issues that face this flawed plan (and not merely rhetoric).

— George Walker, freshman in the College of Science

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