06/27/18 WBAA sign, Elliott

The WBAA offices sit in the basement of Elliott Hall of Music.

I am just curious as to the lack of significant mention by Purdue of any decision to change WBAA by handing it over to a private media company.

Mind you, I am sure there is a reason for doing so, but neither the reason, nor the actual mention of an over 90-year-old important part of Purdue is now being lost in its present form, to a fully uncertain future without public or student participation in the decision.

I think it is hoped that the decision was not made to separate Purdue from being associated with NPR, or that it would for any reason be an excuse to separate any political affiliation with a local, significant, and frankly, honest and open reporting by an organization which pretty much still upholds an apolitical and factual reporting reputation.

It seems a shame that any such organization would be set adrift from a situation where they were actually seen as “The Voice of Purdue,” and which enjoyed an important part of the history of the campus, and still has a significant library of music which was used both as an entertaining, and educational resource.

I also wonder what will become of this library, now that it will be used as a private and non-educational resource.

I have been a fan of the efforts of WBAA to use its collection of early music as an educational resource about Hoosier music, and would hate to see it lost because of downgrading the merit of music and historical programming being seen as insignificant.

- Robert Swim, Greek life house director

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