Reading through the proposed J-Term, I found that this calendar change will impact students more negatively than they realize. Purdue has a massive internship and co-op program. The co-op program is ranked #11 in the country and contains 1300+ students. That number doesn’t even include the huge amount of students that are offered internships.

The proposed J-Term would be detrimental to those students. The J-Term proposal states that students would be able to take “short internships” during the term but I argue that very few employers would want to hire a student for a month or less, and if they were hired, the projects would be small and contain much less meaning than that of a summer internship or co-op rotation.

Furthermore, by extending the spring semester later into the summer (even by just two weeks), internship students would lose out on the pay and experience they would have gotten during those weeks under the current academic calendar. Many students, including myself, use paid internships to offset or pay off tuition every semester and the income lost by those two weeks could never be made up under a J-Term schedule.

I urge students to speak out against this change of schedule and to make their voices heard. This schedule isn’t decided yet so their is still time to make a difference. If you ever hope to have a summer internship in the future and want to have as much time on the job as possible before you graduate, join me in urging the board to say “no” to the J-Term academic calendar!

—William Siffer, junior in electrical and computer engineering

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