4/14/21 Purdue AAPI Solidarity Rally

The Purdue AAPI Solidarity Coalition will host a rally to denounce anti-Asian discrimination that have surged across the U.S. in the past year.

Dear President Daniels and Provost Akridge,

For the past year, our Asian American community at Purdue has been suffering. We have watched our elders be heckled with slurs and pushed onto pavement. We fear for our families and parents, fear that every step outside of their houses will be their last. We grieved, publicly and privately, when six Asian women were shot and killed in the Atlanta area by a white terrorist.

And, as usual, we have been met with silence.

We are asking you to break that silence.

We ask that you release an official statement that explicitly condemns the anti-Asian hate crimes and affirms solidarity with our community.

We ask that you meet with our community leaders, including Asian American Studies professors, student organizers, and faith leaders, to hear and understand our needs in our own words.

We call for more scholars of color to be hired in all departments across campus. We demand the protection of Asian American Studies from future budgeting cuts and the tenure of its professors, who tirelessly work to preserve our stories and struggles.

We demand clear guidelines that determine what makes a hate crime and what the proper response is.

We ask that students and faculty across campus be notified of active bystander training offered by Hollaback, facilitated through our own (Asian American and Asian Resource and Cultural Center).

And before anyone tries to use us as a model minority, we are NOT calling for an increase in anti-Black policies of policing and prison. We instead call for solutions rooted in restorative justice, where the emphasis is on caring for the victims of hate incidents.

For those whose emotional health has taken a toll, we ask that CAPS employ therapists and counselors who are specialized in handling racial trauma and other mental illnesses that result from discrimination.

We ask you to come see us, to hear us, to listen to us as we demand justice and solidarity not only for our community, but for all marginalized communities who bear the brunt of white supremacy.

— Purdue AAPI Solidarity Coalition

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