I saw the Twitter post saying to write in with things we had to say ... Purdue does not care about your health. Regardless of what the Protect Purdue protocol calls for, it is not focused around health. More people die each year from heart disease and obesity related causes than COVID-19. Even when everyone is vaccinated, obesity related deaths will still be high.

When Purdue enacted Protect Purdue, it was not based around promoting the health of their students. It was based around creating a good PR stunt to gain notoriety. If Purdue really cared about student health, they would change their dining options to limit the amount of soda that students are given the opportunity to drink, they would provide lean protein food options instead of hamburgers with more fat than carbohydrates or protein and not provide desserts with 700 calories per serving. If Purdue really cared about your health, they would not limit Co-Rec time slots to 80 minutes per day, nor would they charge $60 per month (or whatever it costs) for GroupX classes. They would make those classes free. They would actively promote their nutrition coaching and test kitchen features instead of disregarding them as a second thought.

But Purdue doesn’t care about your health. They don’t care if you’re suicidal and need to talk to someone at PUSH or CAPS, because both places close at 5 p.m. sharp. They don’t care if you are obese and suffering from health conditions that may ultimately kill you. Purdue doesn’t care if you get alcohol poisoning at a bar, but they will arrest students for possession of marijuana. All Purdue cares about is how they are viewed by other institutions regarding their COVID-19 protocols, which could also be a lot better. Don’t be fooled. Protect Purdue was never about Protecting YOU, it is about Protecting how others view the establishment.

— Charles Seed, sophomore in the Polytechnic Institute

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