Your “Protecting Purdue’s Image” editorial had this aged alum thinking you had renewed the April Fool’s Day spoof edition. In our day we railed and rallied against in loco parentis — look it up — because, hey, we’re intelligent, responsible adults and those oppressive university administrators should relinquish their tight control over our lives. In August 2020, The Exponent’s position is, “Purdue’s administrators should have known we’re just a bunch of irresponsible children who simply must have our beer pong fun.” Apparently when students cannot act as responsible adults, it’s time to issue a full-throated call to bring back in loco parentis. Here’s an idea: how about posting the pictures and names of the small number of students who seem hell-bent on stealing an entire academic year from the rest of you? A “wall of shame?” No, wait, that would suggest they were actually responsible for their own actions; in The Exponent’s view, they were just some innocent kids doing what kids do. If, God forbid, Purdue’s reopening plan doesn’t succeed, you’ll blame President Daniels and his team for thinking students would act responsibly. We alums will blame the spoiled children who, it turns out, really needed a surrogate parent to make them go sit in the corner.

– Bill Moreau, Purdue alumnus.

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