I would like to bring to your notice and hope that you can probably cover it in one of your upcoming editions to bring a matter of serious concern into the limelight. As you know, Purdue is one of the largest campuses in the United States with a reported enrollment of 43,411 students. 16.5% of those students are non-resident aliens and I am one of them.

As an international student, I am supposedly allowed to get health insurance only through the University. Since I get insurance through the University, PUSH is a major source of health care for me, as the insurance doesn’t cover many other locations. Compared to last academic year, this year we have less medical providers at PUSH and if you visit the PUSH website, it lists just eight medical providers. For a campus this big, having a medical provider-to-student ratio of 1-to-5400 seems atrocious.

There is never an appointment available with a health-care provider when you need it, forcing many students — including me — to visit emergency facilities at IU/Franciscan, where they charge huge amounts of co-pays even with insurance for things that are an easy diagnosis and a simple prescription of medication.

It would be a great service to the student community if The Exponent can cover this issue, as I believe this is an issue that affects not just me as an individual or the resident-alien community, but the entire student community at Purdue.

– Tarun Mutukuri, graduate student in the College of Pharmacy

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