I oppose the required ‘Protect Purdue Plan.’ If the guidance in it were issued as recommendations based on what ‘Oceania’ believes to be helpful behavior, I think issuing it in that way is reasonable. Including a requirement that each employee and student sign it and that it must be followed even off-campus is oppressive. It says students and employees are not trustworthy and cannot be relied on to take sensible steps in this matter so it is critical to tell them what they must do, and use authorities to enforce what the board and administration have come to believe is necessary. I know many states, not all, haven’t trusted citizens either. But Indiana has had controls that its health and elected officials have already instituted in this past year. This degree of control by Purdue is unnecessary. So many freedoms have been abolished already this past year, I hope temporarily, we should avoid double restrictions. The local and state governments already act to tamper the virus. We don’t need a jail cell inside a dungeon, nor thought police ‘ambassadors’ roaming campus to reinforce the rules. A request by Oceania that students and employees report violators and a link to do that? I hope no one really would be that complicit with that request from a Big Brother!

I am a 1972 alumnus. I am thankful for the freedoms I enjoyed then and hope you will soon get yours back and when you do, will appreciate and treasure them. If I were looking for a college now, I would not be able to give up my freedoms and attend Purdue. I would find a school that trusted me.

— Monty Lahr, class of 1972

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