I have known many outstanding people at Purdue. This week my wife and I received an envelope from Dauch Alumni Center which contained 18 letters of appreciation from students in Aerospace Engineering. Each person was thankful to have been awarded a scholarship currently from the Oilar Endowment.

It was fascinating to read what each person was involved in, was studying and about their aspirations after graduation. A big heartfelt thank you goes out to these futures leaders from Diane and I.

We also enjoyed the many sincere comments that were expressed. One student said, “Thank you for the support and generosity you have shown. You are one of the reasons Purdue University has such a time-honored Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering program.” In general the letters reflected this comment: “Your kindness and generosity made a significant impact on me.”

The above letters speak highly of these students and Purdue Aerospace Engineering. These students also said they would continue our example of giving back to Purdue after graduation.

— John R. and Diane Oilar, Stewards of the Oilar-Woods Endowment, Crawfordsville, IN

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