As a 1958 BSEE graduate, I have represented Purdue University for more than 40 years of sharing my experiences relating to the professional side of engineering with more than 75,000 students in 203 universities. This includes speaking at five conferences at Purdue.

My article, “The Secret of Success,” was about balancing technical skills with non-technical and professional skills and was published in HKN’s (Eta Kappa Nu, the honor society of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) “The Bridge” in October 2018, and a similar version published in IEEE’s “Potentials” in November-December 2019. Dr. Sumeet Kumar Gupta read this article and invited me to give a webinar for his graduate students on Thursday, March 11 on project management and teamwork. I can send a copy of the article published by IEEE and HKN for your review if you would be interested in a similar (perhaps shorter) version for a future Exponent article. I can also send a brief biographical sketch if you provide an e-mail address. One result of my many years of volunteer activities was the establishment in 2011 of the IEEE-USA Jim Watson Student Professional Achievement Award to recognize outstanding volunteers who have supported our student activities. It was an honor to represent Purdue University in the establishment of this award that places an important spotlight on students associated with IEEE and HKN as 11 individuals have received this award.

—Jim Watson, Purdue alumnus

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