As a graduate of Purdue and parent of a current student, I have been reading with some exasperation regarding this brewing “free tampon crisis.” I would like to think the student government has far greater topics to discuss than to spend time advocating for free feminine hygiene products. By the way, nothing is “free,” in spite of what some would like for you to believe.

As a TA for several semesters, I was perplexed at the number of times students were asking for a stapler for their papers when handing in assignments, even though it was clearly spelled out in the class syllabus, any multi-page assignment had to be stapled together. Or asking for pencils to take bubble sheet exams as they walked in.

Life is about learning to be prepared, especially in college. As a female, there was always that fear in the back of your mind that your period starts and you weren’t prepared. The remedy was simple. Go into the bathroom, insert a quarter, turn the handle and your need to address your immediate physical condition was met.

Unless the Purdue Student Government is advocating for a nanny state and this is the first step, toss whatever one needs, male or female, into your backpack and focus on why you chose Purdue to prepare you to meet what the world will throw your way. If you really want a nanny state university, might you travel south to a town called Bloomington. I am sure they will think this is a great idea.

– Beatrice Drics-Burtsen, Purdue alumna and parent of current student

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