Let me send a moderately toned letter of support for the point of view expressed in a recent letter that comments on the renovation of the Union to block what has been the main entrance, and what remains the natural entrance for visitors to campus who have used the Grant Street garage.

I pass regularly through this new coffee shop, using the tunnels from Krannert on my way to central campus. It has happened a couple of times that as I come up the stairs into the Union Building I run into Mom, Dad and high-school senior who are (1) visiting campus to acquire information for a college attendance decision and (2) staring uncomprehendingly up the stairs toward the coffee shop with absolutely no idea what to do next. Life being what it is, I have taken them in tow and gotten them on their way. But I ask myself, β€œIs this the impression we want to make on visitors to campus?”

Thank you,

β€” Stephen Martin, economics professor

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