Here’s what you get for giving your tuition, and then later your loyalty, by working for Purdue after graduating: getting laid off for the almighty dollar and political gain of Mitch Daniels. Purdue outsourced about 100 jobs from the Union dining court at the expense of valued jobs, and now they are about to do it again — this time with the custodial staff. This is because the cost of the new companies’ contracts does not involve retirement benefits for employees that Purdue would have to pay for, not to mention they get to cease paying about 800 employees’ health insurance and replace them with new workers, who will be paid $2 more in exchange for no retirement or health insurance provided from Purdue or the newly contracted companies. All this at the expense of about 1,000 employees, most of who have been here many years. If you work for Purdue in any capacity, make no mistake: they are coming for your job next. For those of us who have given back to Purdue as an alum in the capacity of working for the University, you’re welcome. I can see the loyalty goes only one way. Shame on you, Mitch Daniels.

– Kyle Seedorf, Purdue alumnus.

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