This semester Purdue is supposedly not allowing attendance in person to be counted against students. However, we have found that students are experiencing otherwise.

We conducted a survey to find out how widespread this issue has become. With a total of 151 responses, we found that the results were half and half when it comes to in-class attendance being a requirement. Same goes for marking attendance for participation.

Some professors are using the loophole of calling in-person attendance “participation” to avoid the policy against this. This is not only posing a threat to our health, but is violating Protect Purdue rules.

Even though most students aren’t required to attend class, they are finding that their fellow classmates are. 75.5% of students responded that they know someone who has a class that requires in-person attendance. This is unfair and needs to be handled by administration to protect our health and grades.

— Kaitlyn Penkala, sophomore in the College of Liberal Arts, and Jenna Golfis, junior in the College of Liberal Arts

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