I’ve recently discovered the microfilm in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Education library and have spent hours reading through the old Exponents. They were well written and packed to the brim with information. However, not even a decade ago I saw a noticeable decrease in quality and quantity. No longer is it printed daily or filled with relevant ads for restaurants or stores near campus. No more interesting stories of events around the state or country.

All that’s left is poorly cobbled together stories about things that have already happened. As well as blatantly wrong information that could have been easily checked, like the mold in Heavilon article claiming that the current building is from the 1890s. Articles that have been worded poorly to incite a reaction also seem to be more prevalent than ever, referring to the Harrison underwear thief that was so poorly written it caused a debate on what it was trying to say among my friend group.

The articles that are worth reading are becoming more biased and emotionally charged as well. A shame since news is supposed to be informational and unbiased.

The Exponent used to be the pride of Purdue. Now it just feels like an afterthought that has to be done, like an elective you’re forced to take for your major. I long for the day that The Exponent is returned to its former glory. Though I am afraid I’m going to continue to see it trend more and more to the emotionally charged propaganda that is affectionately called the IDS (Indiana Daily Student) down in Bloomington. Show me that The Exponent actually cares. Write articles that are worth reading and are well written. We all know IU sucks, so why are we trying to replicate their IDS?

- Benjamin Goldman, sophomore in the Polytechnic Institute

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