Purdue made an early example in the fall by expelling students who violated the Protect Purdue Pledge. Today, the hypocrisy of the pledge and the goals of the University and its trustees has been laid bare with the announcement that the football season is returning.

Football involves close, physical contact with players from one’s own team as well as the opposing team. Therefore, players will surely not be able to “maintain appropriate social distancing” nor are they likely to “wear an appropriate face mask” (Protect Purdue Pledge, 2020) while practicing or playing in games. Picture an offensive line and defensive line coming together at the snap of the football--is this better than college students having a party? Will Purdue be consistent in its enforcement of the Pledge by expelling football players for these violations of said Pledge? Unlikely. C.R.E.A.M. (cash rules everything around me)

Although I am for social distancing and mask wearing per CDC recommendations and the medical consensus (not to mention a big football fan), I am against the hypocritical enforcement of such requirements in a way that stigmatizes student behavior while conveniently ignoring such rules when it makes money for the university.

— Louis Hickman, graduate student in industrial organizational psychology

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