I am writing this short letter to discuss the NCAA and how they treat student-athletes. We all have heard of the many arguments of how the NCAA exploits student-athletes. We also hear a lot of the arguments that the students should not be paid, as they have their tuition covered. I am writing this letter in hopes that I can convince people of the latter opinion that student-athletes should be paid and treated as professional athletes.

Student-athletes are under a lot of pressure as both students and semiprofessional athletes. As mentioned by Mike Vaccaro in his article “Why the simple solution isn’t the answer for deeply flawed NCAA,” the game has changed. It is no longer a simple game in front of college students, but a huge televised event that is advertised by big companies. This means that these student-athletes are no longer amateurs. And the fact that the NCAA is treating them as such has to be changed.

– Saleh Alsuhaibani, Purdue student in the College of Engineering

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