Dear students of Purdue,

We, the Armenian community at Purdue University, are writing to you with our statement condemning Azerbaijan’s attack, forcing war on the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Artsakh.

On the morning of Sept. 27, Azerbaijan began shelling the border of Artsakh with heavy air and tank forces. This attack was targeted at civilians, specifically in Artsakh’s capital city, Stepanakert, and its surrounding villages. Turkey has sent weapons, money and Syrian mercenaries to Azerbaijan, which are being used to attack both Artsakh and Armenia. We fear for the lives of our people and the existence of our home country, Armenia. Our family and friends are sheltering in basements and hallways, men are being called to serve in the military. Our country is severely outnumbered and outgunned, and we simply cannot stand by in silence as Azerbaijan and Turkey attempt another genocide against Armenians.

This war is an existential threat to the citizens of Armenia and Artsakh. Turkey, Azerbaijan’s biggest ally, committed a genocide against 1.5 million Armenians in 1915 and continues to deny it and cover up the truth. Our people have been the targets of mass murder and discrimination by the same peoples for hundreds of years. We have been victims for far too long. Help us finally achieve global recognition for the atrocities committed today.

To Armenians, therefore, this war is not merely a nationalistic enterprise. Instead, this is a war about survival, defending oneself against an enemy that questions your right to exist.

We ask that you support the Armenian Club of Purdue in these trying times by amplifying our message. Help us spread accurate information by sharing our statement with your friends, family, fellow students and coworkers.

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Best, Armenian Club of Purdue

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