Purdue Gender Pay gap, David Sanders

Professor David Sanders said merit pay is one of the causes of the wage disparity between the genders.

David Sanders is the democratic candidate for State Senate District 23, which includes Purdue and West Lafayette.

He is an associate professor of biological science at Purdue and teaches the COVID-19 class. Chair of the Senate Student Affairs Committee, he’s an advocate for students, faculty and staff. He not only meets voters personally on almost a daily basis, but as a West Lafayette city councilor, he conducts a “Monthly Meet Your Councilor” for engaging with constituents.

When approached by the local League of Women Voters to participate in a debate, David immediately agreed. However, his Republican opponent in this current Indiana Senate race declined, saying he was too busy to share his positions on issues.

Having known and worked with him for some time, I urge everyone to consider David Sanders’ exceptional qualifications for being a state senator, one who is an accessible public official, and to vote for him in the Nov. 8 election.

– Douglas Paprocki, class of 1964 and Lafayette resident

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