8/29/21 Juanita Crider

Juanita Crider, program adviser for the Black Cultural Center

The spirit of Boilermaker kindness and care was on full display last week. As a graduate student and staff person with mobility challenges, I had a difficult day, the first day of the fall semester, getting to my classroom in mechanical engineering, a building I am very unfamiliar with. I use a walker/rollator and I seemed to encounter steps wherever I went in my attempt to get to my room. The lift in mechanical engineering was also out of order.

I would like to say a very public thank you to the mechanical engineering faulty member who lifted my rollator up the steps for me and to the engineering students who were determined to help me find the room, which they did.

Also to the random students who helped me navigate outside spaces and steps when I had difficulty finding the handicapped entrances to buildings. I am usually good at remembering names, but I can't recall them this time. You know who you are, and I am so very grateful for your help.

- Juanita Crider, Black Cultural Center program advisor 

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