My car was towed. I parked my car at the parking lot near Garfield Street, behind Seng Liang Wang Hall on a normal Thursday morning, which has a sign that reads “90 min customer parking.” I went to take my physics exam just across the street, and got back in like 50 minutes, bought a coffee at Another Broken Egg Cafe. With the receipt still in my hand, I was shocked that my car was towed away.

I gave a phone call to the towing company, JR’s Towing & Recovery Service, and they said it was the Purdue Research Foundation who asked them to tow these cars.

I contacted PRF, and they said you must stay in the restaurant to be considered a customer. I argued that these businesses were inside the Wang building anyway and did not exceed the parking time limit. (I personally have been doing this for four months without trouble, and many other people do this too). Then they checked the surveillance camera, saying that I left the building first, and as soon as they saw that, they called the towing company.

I cannot say their logic is wrong, but I did become a customer within the 90 minutes. On my way to the towing company, the Lyft driver told me he has driven four people this month there, and I saw cars get towed away during my phone call with PRF, even though there were quite a few empty parking spaces. Well, the customer parking is for the convenience for people to shop at the place, not for making money from the $140 towing fee. Also, the parking itself is managed by Purdue. They could have addressed this issue by email, or just ticketing first. Anyway, I just want to address the problem here.

— Alex Jiang, West Lafayette resident

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