For the first time in my life, I am ashamed of my alma mater. I treasure my time spent attending Purdue. I made good friends and received a quality education. However, based on the guidance put out in the new writing guide it appears that left-wing hysterics have overrun — or more likely shouted down — maturity and adult behavior. I realize nothing I say will change what is in the writing guide, but I feel compelled to speak out on behalf of the students who are paying for an education, not an indoctrination. They deserve better. My message is to the students. Some of your parents may have taught you this already. In the real world, you are going to be offended from time to time. The world is not Burger King. You don’t get to have it “your way.” Finding something offensive is an emotional reaction. Being offended is a choice. Tell your boss that you demand everything in the corporate database be cleansed of “man” and see how well it goes for you. Should the Air Force change their ranks to replace “airman” with “airperson”? Shall we change “manatee” to “personatee”? Do you see how stupid this sounds? This mindset is childish. When you leave Purdue, you will be expected to integrate into the workforce as a productive employee. Employers have no time to assuage your delicate sensibilities. When you complete your work to standard, you will not receive a trophy. You will get your next assignment. You are not special. Your opinion has no more value than anyone else’s. It’s time to become an adult. Rise above the petty politics with this “man” business. If having “man” in your title is your biggest problem, you’re doing just fine. #FIRSTWORLDPROBLEMS

– Seth Armstrong, class of 2003

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