So, has it finally come to pass that people realize we need to have a local economy where people can work, businesses can locate and we can stop shipping off jobs and manufacturing to the cheapest places on Earth? Can we stop seeing people take companies, jobs and production outside of the community, the state, the country?

Right now, more businesses seem to be rethinking going to the cheapest source of labor, because that cheap labor places were affected the same and often sent workers home, rather than off to jobs to support consumerism, profit for businesses and exploitation just to make a profit.

It’s not profit that is hurting us right now, it is a virus that does not care who you are or how much you have.

Ignoring the reality, we have to look after each other by taking care of ourselves is an important thing. How best do you stay healthy? Rather than look forward to this thing going away, have the good sense to look after yourself and the simple courtesy to maintain safety, even in numbers, and to keep any problems you have away from contaminating others.

Let’s take it a step further: even after this is over, things will be changed. Will we go back to buying cheap things that have to be shipped long distances, have to pass through many hands, and support manufacturing, which will espouse the same all-for-profit sense of production which allows business to dictate the cost of manufacture to ensure profit? Or will it be people wanting to play a part in their own economy, community and bring back a sense of responsibility in businesses to stay local, reduce reliance on outside economies and bring jobs back home, the same way we now stay safe at home?

— Robert Swim, ‘85 graduate of the College of Liberal Arts

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