Purdue is now offering limited indoor seating in Earhart dining hall. This is something we definitely need, since the outdoor tents are already being taken down and students need places to eat. However, Earhart has signs posted asking students to limit their time seated at a table to just 15 minutes. This is ableist. Not everyone can sit down and finish a full meal in just 15 minutes. As someone who has struggled for years with chronic abdominal pain and digestive issues, this would be impossible for me to achieve. Even though this time limit will likely not be enforced, I think an open suggestion to limit time as much as an individual is able would be more welcoming and realistic for some students. I understand the need for all of us to make changes due to the pandemic, but Purdue must remain sensitive to the needs of all students.

— Jacqueline Ketcham, a junior in the College of Liberal Arts

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