After Purdue accepted my application two years ago, I was required to take a survey on my religion and other religious groups at Purdue. It was a requirement for all the freshmen. Surprisingly, when the survey listed all the religious groups on campus, I noticed that almost all of them are Christian groups, except one or two Islamic groups. There is no Buddhist organization or group for other religions. A lot of international students come here and lost their interest and connection with their religions simply because there is not a religious group for them, especially non-Christian students. Since Purdue has a great percentage of international students from more than 120 different countries, it is important for Purdue to pay more attention to the variety of religious groups at Purdue to ensure everyone's rights and freedom of religion. When students walk on campus, we can see people giving free Bibles or posting information about churches and Bible-studying sessions. It is hard to find information for other religions. However, Purdue is not a Christian school. Purdue should allow more religious groups to be formed and get involved in Purdue's events.

– Chieh Kao, a Purdue student in the College of Science

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