Many students say it is their right not to wear a mask in public.

Remember, people can receive medical care that would otherwise be financially not possible because social systems and insurance helps pay the cost. The medical system and insurance are funded by the many people that contribute some reasonable amount in the hopes they will not need the expensive medical care but will have it if need be.

A COVID-19 infection is a very costly event with needed medical equipment like ventilators and costly gear for a large number of medical personnel. The major way we lessen the cost is to lessen the number of new cases, and the best way to do this is having people faithfully use masks and observed social distance from others.

Think of these activities as paying your medical premiums so you can, if needed, receive appropriate life saving treatment. Not observing masking in public and keeping social distancing from others is expecting an insurance payment although you did not pay into the plan, and that is immoral and unsustainable.

If you insist on ignoring masking and social distancing you should carry a card stating that you opt out of the social contract and if you contract COVID-19, you should be made comfortable but otherwise be left alone to either get better or die. Masks protect the person who wears it but mostly others.

— Alan Beck, professor of veterinary medicine

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