After the blackout that happened last week, Purdue's online academic system is down and cannot be accessed, particularly Blackboard. Information Technology at Purdue, or ITaP, was trying to fix this problem. However, there is no information about when the system is going to be up and running.

My stand as a writer is that communication is really important in these times of stress. Most students had a midterm the next day after the system failure occurred. For instance, they posted that a response will be given at 11 p.m. Each timeline they posted kept on postponing. People at Purdue should know more and care about my topic because this relates to the academic performance of each student. I believe that a clear message or communication by ITaP is necessary, so that the student does not miss out on anything that is up-to-date.

After the system was up and running again, a few hours later, ITaP emailed a clarification of the events. This topic should be discussed because I think that students should have the knowledge of when the system is going to be up. If ITaP kept on postponing their response, students might think that the system is not going to be up anytime soon. This period of time is really precious for some people that, for example, have a deadline during that day. As a student myself, I experienced the inability to access exam materials during that time, and the exam is the next day. Every engineering student was going through this issue. ITaP should be aware to give the students a heads-up on information.

My stand as a writer is that communication is really important in these matters.

– Bobby Santoso, a Purdue student in the College of Engineering

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