Final Score: Boilermakers 7, COVID 19.

In the week following the season opener, President Daniels sent a warning to the Purdue community after a weekend of relaxed social distancing led to record campus cases: get your act together. Following the second football game and Halloween, a single day 8.2% positivity rate and fast upward trending 7 day average have lit up the Protect Purdue Dashboard.

Football was originally canceled for larger reasons than simply the safety of the student athletes. The entire student body will be sent home to their families in three weeks, transmitting COVID vastly outside the “bubble” of young adults not as adversely effected.

It’s time for the administration to stand taller than the athletics department and admit the impact the football restart has had and risks it creates.

It is time to cancel the remainder of the football season.

— CS Kerby, class of 2020, studying civil engineering

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