9/15/22 Abortion Ban Protest, City Councilor David Sanders

West Lafayette city councilor and state senate candidate David Sanders urges the crowd of mostly students to vote for him in the upcoming election. Sanders noted his opponents' strict anti-abortion stance. 

David Sanders, candidate for Indiana State Senate District 23, is responsive and accessible.

Besides going door-to-door in every town of more than 300 residents, he agreed to the debate opportunities offered him by the League of Women Voters, WLFI and WBAA. His opponent refused.

Concerning Senate Bill 1, Sanders stated forthrightly that he would have opposed it — consistent with his record for defending personal privacy against government intrusion and his advocacy for full access to healthcare.

Despite being asked repeatedly about whether he would have voted for S.B. 1, his opponent, Spencer Deery, has refused to answer the question — like a true politician.

He has made these three contradictory answers on the issue:

On March 28, he said “I oppose abortion in every way.” On Aug. 19, he said “I oppose elective abortions ... and I support exceptions for the life of the mother, rape, incest and nonviable pregnancies.” On Oct. 12, he said “I oppose elective abortions ... I support exceptions for the health of the mother,” etc.

He has betrayed not only women, but his own political supporters by his constantly shifting positions. No wonder he wouldn’t debate. Which Spencer Deery would have shown up?

Vote for David Sanders, Democratic candidate for State Senate. A scientist committed to the truth, not a politician.

–Kaitie Rector, Summitville resident

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