Editor's Note: The Purdue Exponent will no longer accept any letters for publication during the spring semester. Letters submitted may be considered for the summer semester. Dear Purdue University faculty, staff and students,

How do you begin to thank thousands of people for helping you cry, laugh, remember, fall down, stand tall and look ahead? I don't think you can. I hope that it is enough to know that we are still standing because of you. You brought us together, you helped us endure, and when we began to tumble, you braced our fall. Your stories, gifts and support have only helped to reaffirm Jimmy's presence in our lives yesterday, today and for tomorrow.

We would like to graciously thank Purdue University for your compassion, your understanding and your support of Jimmy and his trail to success. A special thanks to William Menefee, Marcy Helms and all students who believe in Jimmy and have voiced their support and encouraged the University to grant Jimmy his degree. Words cannot express our appreciation. You have made the unbearable, bearable.

We thank you sincerely and lovingly. I hope Jimmy has touched your life and that knowing him has made you a better person. Live each day 100 percent. Jimmy would wish no less for you. Cry often, laugh more, take care of yourself but most importantly take care of each other. May God bless each of you and yours. As Jimmy would say, "Life's short. Make fun of it."

Jim, Jacci, Kelly Jo, Mandi Williams, Andrew Frank

The Gates Family

Article misstates facts of abortion On a normative issue as delicate as abortion, we should at least keep the facts clear. In an article on the pro-life demonstrations on campus that appeared in the April 20 edition of the Exponent, the statement appeared that "abortion is legal during all nine months of pregnancy." This could be understood to mean that all abortions are always legal without further qualification. That is not so, as all U.S. states have restrictions in place varying in degree and kind on the legality of abortions. In Indiana, for instance, the State Code regulates abortion under Title 16, Article 34. Amongst other restrictions, the Indiana statute allows abortions after viability only when a physician judges it necessary to prevent a "substantial permanent impairment" of the pregnant woman's life or physical health. The code is available online at http://www.state.in.us/legislative/ic/code/title16/ar34/.

Mathieu Deflem

Purdue faculty

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