Society places so much value on superficial beauty because of what it has to offer up front, those warm fuzzies inside. Our society has based many values on feelings, but the truth is that these feelings only last a short time and are easily swayed. People want what's immediately pleasing. However, nothing of worth can be based on feeling. How far do people think we would be as a society if many scientists, engineers, etc. gave up during school because they didn't feel like they enjoyed what they were doing when the going got tough?

There are no absolutes when beauty is concerned (unfortunately the entertainment industry doesn't agree). My definition of beauty is probably conflicting with the person's next door. I guess this parallels the saying, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder." However, to say someone is beautiful or ugly based solely on his or her looks is not only selfish but shallow too. Sure, looks are nice, but there is so much more to a person than his/her physique.

To see beauty in it's greatest form, one should consult "the married couple." When the couple gets married and lives together, they see the sides of each other that they never would have seen before (the early morning bad breath, the bed head, the stink after a hard day of work and the list goes on). But, there is some other element in the equation that keeps them and the marriage going, and that's the personality. One's personality is probably one of the most difficult things to alter in humans but looks can be taken away in a heartbeat (be it a car wreck or bicycle accident).

So, don't let the outer beauty of a person rob you of his/her inner beauty.

Michael Williams

Junior, School of Technology

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