What is your vision of a church? Is it an old, Gothic building? A steeple? A sanctuary filled with long, wooden pews?

Our vision of a church is people – people worshiping together, people supporting one another in their faith journey, people responding to the needs of one another and our community together.

At First United Methodist Church on the west edge of campus, we welcome all people, through all life’s stages, with arms that are open, respectful, and loving. And by everyone, we mean everyone regardless of a person’s political views, sexual orientation, gender identity, nationality, race, ability, bank balance, or background. Whoever you are, and wherever you are in your spiritual journey, you are welcome here.

First Church emphasizes the wholeness of God in a broken world. All are welcome to join us in our traditional and contemporary worship services and education classes.

From the beginning our church, on the west edge of campus, has core mission of embracing Purdue students in partnership with Wesley Foundation. Purdue and First Church have grown together.

Our church and Purdue University were both founded in the spring of 1869. We have a rich history together. Many of the faculty, staff, administrators, and students who molded Purdue into the great university it is today have been part of our congregation, including the founder of Purdue Musical Organizations and a young man who would go on to become the most launched astronaut in the world.

Missions are at the heart of our church. We support 20 missions with our time, talents and treasure. Where there is hunger, homelessness and despair, our church is at work bringing comfort, respect and hope.

During this time of physical distancing our Sunday morning traditional/contemporary blended services are live-streamed at 11 a.m. Or, you can pre-register to attend an 8:30 a.m. Sunday worship in person with a limit of 50 people. See our website for instructions. http://www.fumcwl.org/

These are tough times. But, we’ve been through tough times before and we will get through this together – worshiping, supporting, loving, and helping one another -- unconditionally.

That is our vision of what a church should be.

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