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The France A. Córdova Recreational Sports Center is set to open in July, pending approval by the Protect Purdue Implementation team.

A former Purdue employee has filed a federal lawsuit against Purdue’s Board of Trustees and a Purdue employee, alleging they violated the Family and Medical Leave Act when they fired her earlier this year.

Green industry professionals from landscape firms, lawn care companies, golf courses, sports turf companies, garden centers and more are invited to the 2020 Turf and Landscape Virtual Field Day.


The Exponent's weekly collection of photos illustrating life on and around campus during the COVID-19 crisis. 

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Wednesday afternoon’s SpaceX launch to the International Space Station was scrubbed because of bad weather — but industrial engineering professor and former NASA employee Barrett Caldwell said it’s better to be "right" than “right now.”

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The Big Ten conference confirmed today that it has extended its suspension of games and athletic activities to June 1. The conference previously announced a stoppage of all on- and off-campus recruiting, which will carry over into June as well. 

COVID-19’s deleterious effect on the world of college sports is obvious and all-consuming. Seasons, matches, games and practices in every sport in the NCAA are either postponed or canceled, training centers are closed, and physical distancing disallows players from getting together to work o…

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