9/3/21 Evan Austin gold graphic

Purdue swimming assistant coach Evan Austin won the gold medal in the 50 meter paralympic swimming event on Friday. Photo taken from a Purdue press release.

Evan Austin, an assistant coach for the Purdue women's swimming team, took gold in the 50 meter butterfly swimming event Friday morning, a Purdue press release said.

Austin won the event with a time of 28.98 seconds, almost a second faster than what the Olympian recorded in the preliminary rounds. In another close showing, he inched by Ukraine swimmer Andrii Trusov to claim the gold by 0.05 seconds. 

This will be Austin's second 2021 gold medal in what he had described as his "favorite event" in an April Team USA release.

"Just to fight the good fight, that the process to get to where I am right now, literally champion just a couple minutes ago," he said in a Friday statement. "That's taken over a decade of really tough, dedicated, thorough work, day in and day out with a lot of ups and a tremendous amount of downs as well."

The gold followed up a bronze medal placement in the 400 meter event on Monday. Austin had improved his initial time by 18.4 seconds to finish with a time of 4:38.95, beating Argentina's Inaki Basiloff by 0.04 seconds to take bronze.

A total of three swimmers participated in the 2021 Paralympics. Two swimmers, Joel Gomez and Makayla Nietzel, are freshmen at Purdue University.

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