3/28/18 NCAA Tournament, Texas Tech, Isaac Haas

Isaac Haas walks off the court following the 65-78 loss to Texas Tech in the 2018 NCAA men's basketball tournament. Haas did not play in his final game with Purdue. 

After nearly two years of inactivity, a woman's lawsuit that alleges former Purdue basketball player Isaac Haas knowingly infected her with a sexually transmitted disease has a set date for a jury trial.

In court documents filed Thursday, the parties in Alyssa Chambers v. Haas conducted a conference to decide how to proceed with legal action. A document filed Thursday afternoon set the date for the jury trial at July 26, 2022.

Chambers sued Haas in April 2018 for allegedly knowingly infecting her with a sexually transmitted disease during a brief relationship. Haas claimed he was clean during the relationship, according to court documents.

An anonymous friend of Chambers' who had also been in a relationship with Haas claimed he had never been "formally tested" for the STD as he claimed, according to previous Exponent reporting.

The case management order set the conditions of discovery and mediation in the case. The parties are allowed to call witnesses and experts, and settlement has been accepted as an alternative to the trial. If the parties decide to settle, mediation will occur "no later than 60 days prior to trial."

A former standout center for Purdue's men's basketball team, Haas graduated in 2018 and went undrafted by any NBA teams. After a stint on the Utah Jazz's developmental team, he now plays on the Guangzhou Loong Lions in the Chinese Basketball Association.

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