7/19/19 Markus Bailey

Markus Bailey wore a custom suit jacket for media day, which included a tiny hammer and Purdue “P” on his lapel, connected by a chain.

“So (my mom) sent me this and I was like, ‘OK, that might be the one.’ … And then she found this hammer to put on my lapel, she thought it’d be pretty creative to connect two lapel pins like that because I carry the hammer around when I go out before a game. So overall I thought it was a creative outfit. And a shout-out to my friend from home; he let me borrow his watch.

“It’s actually not as expensive as you think. It’s a little over $100 for this jacket, getting the embroidery, processing, tailoring.”

- Markus Bailey about his black-and-silver suit jacket and Purdue accoutrements

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