11/3/19 March Madness Betting

Purdue prohibited students, faculty, staff and contractors from betting on Boilermaker sports after its last Board of Trustees meeting.

Purdue's office of the vice president for ethics and compliance released a list of frequently asked questions last week concerning its new policy on sports wagering at the University. The policy raises many questions, namely about its implementation, scope and how the University plans to enforce the policy.

Can I bet on or with anything?

No. The policy prohibits any bets of any kind placed on any Purdue matchup — including Purdue-affiliated esports teams. The only wagering legal at the state level is done through venues licensed by the Indiana Gaming Commission. Purdue's policy is mainly designed to eliminate that route, as any person-to-person bets — e.g. a steak dinner on the Old Oaken Bucket game — are already illegal at the state level. 

Can I participate in March Madness?

March Madness brackets are still allowed and any awards associated with them are fair game, as long as nobody has to pay to be involved in the pool. Fantasy leagues are also acceptable under the same condition. Essentially, placing money or bets of value are prohibited under all circumstances.

Who isn't affected by Purdue's policy?

Purdue's policy explicitly applies to anybody enrolled in, employed at or contracted for the University. This includes on-campus students, online students, adjunct and emeritus faculty, visiting scholars and freelancers.

The policy also applies to alumni and fans of a school playing Purdue in a given matchup, according to the FAQ page.

The only people to whom this statement does not apply are Purdue University Global students, prospective students and alumni who are not currently associated with the University.

Wait, what was that thing about "fans of a school playing Purdue in a matchup?"

The FAQ specifically answers this question in regards to alumni of a given school. The website reads:

"Q13. I graduated from a university other than Purdue, and I like to place bets on my alma mater. Can I still do that?

"A13. Yes, as long as your alma mater is not playing against Purdue. The policy only prohibits wagers that involve Purdue University teams, student-athletes, coaches, statistical occurrences, contests and events."

This is the first mention of non-Boilermakers in the policy, and it is unclear how the University plans to regulate and enforce this provision.

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