3/16/18 NCAA Tournament, Cal State-Fullerton, Isaac Haas

Isaac Haas makes a layup against Cal State-Fullerton during the First Round of the NCAA Tournament in Detroit, Michigan. Haas finished with nine points and was 3 of 7 from the court. He left the court late in the game after fracturing his elbow.

When injury troubles hit a star player of the men's basketball team at one of the best engineering universities in the nation, it seems in the realm of possibility that elite engineers could help solve that problem.

Purdue engineers might be helping Isaac Haas return to Purdue's journey through the NCAA Tournament, according to a report by the Journal & Courier.

According to the Journal & Courier, Purdue sports medicine has contacted the Purdue mechanical engineering department regarding their efforts to build an NCAA-approved brace for Haas's fractured elbow.

Chris Forman is the associate athletics communications director for the men's basketball team.

Despite these hopes, it seems pretty unlikely that Haas will be able to suit up for the Boilers in the remainder of the tournament, even if an approved brace is developed.

Purdue head coach Matt Painter said he doesn't expect Haas to play, "but it makes for good conversation."

Painter also has his own requirements if the 7-foot-2 center is able to wear an acceptable brace. 

He said that even if Haas is able and willing to play that "he's gotta be able to rebound, he's gotta be able to catch the ball," two things Haas was unable to do even with a brace. Painter also reiterated the fact that Haas's injury, a fractured elbow, is relatively severe.

Painter said the mechanical engineering department "might be trying" to work on a brace. But no matter what Haas's playing status is over the next few weeks, he will need surgery to repair his elbow, which will involve installing a pin to stabilize his elbow. 

"I'm gonna give everything I got, whether that be cheering on the bench or going out and playing two minutes," Haas said. "I give my heart to these guys and I know they'll do the same for me."

Haas hopes to be healthy in time for the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas, according the Journal & Courier report. Until then, he wants to be his team's biggest emotional supporter if he is unable to play for the rest of the tournament.

The Boilers will play Texas Tech on Friday night in Boston in an attempt to advance to the Elite Eight, territory that Purdue hasn't seen since 2000.

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