Brandon Loschiavo

Junior Brandon Loschiavo dives at the Boilermaker Aquatic Center.

The Purdue men’s diving team had a member take home some top-tier hardware in Mission Viejo, California, this past week.

Over the weekend, junior diver Brandon Loschiavo participated in the FINA Grand Prix, an international swim meet held annually, where he won two medals in two days. He was partnered with NCAA Champion diver Jordan Windle from Texas for the synchronized 10-meter dive on Sunday. Windle won the NCAA Championship this year in the platform event.

The pair earned 416.04 points in their four attempts, which earned them the silver medal in the event. The duo boasted a score of over 80 points on three of their four optional attempts in their first ever competition paired together.

Loschiavo, originally from southern California, was not done winning following the synchronized 10-meter dive; he also took home a bronze medal in the tower event.

This was not Loschiavo’s first trip to an international swim meet. He also took home a medal last year when he was partnered with fellow Purdue athlete Steele Johnson in the FINA Diving World Series in Montreal, Canada. Loschiavo and Johnson won the bronze medal in the synchronized 10-meter dive, the same event Loschiavo won a silver in this year.

Team USA, which Loschiavo helped represent, took home three gold medals, three silver medals and five bronze medals throughout the FINA Grand Prix.

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