8/30/18 Tyler Trent

Tyler Trent sits on the sideline at the 2018 Hammer Down Cancer Game against Northwestern.

The Bridgewater Club in Tyler Trent's hometown of Carmel, Indiana, will host the “Tee Off for Tyler Trent” Charity Golf Classic in late June to raise money for cancer research, his family's foundation announced recently.

Trent was a Purdue student and Boilermaker athletics superfan who inspired legions of students and sports fans around the nation with his love for sports and his mission to raise money for cancer research. He died from osteosarcoma on Jan. 1, 2019.

The only information available about the tournament at this time is through a crowd-funding page the family's Tyler Trent Foundation set up through Eventlify. The foundation did not immediately respond to a request for comment Sunday about specific details regarding the event’s inspiration, planned execution and current status.

The page has a donation goal of $100,000, with event packages available for “single golfer,” “breakfast ticket” or “awards reception.” The “single golfer” package offers “on-course activities,” indicating donors who sign up with that package will be registered to play in the classic.

The golf outing is presented by Anthem and the tee box is sponsored by the Hamilton County Community Foundation, according to the donations page.

The outing is set to tee off June 28, per the funding page.

The Tyler Trent Foundation, created by his family in 2019 after Trent’s death from osteosarcoma, works to raise money and public awareness for cancer and cancer research. 

Purdue operates a separate Tyler Trent Cancer Research Endowment, which offers a “Courage and Resilience Award” scholarship awarded to students “who have encountered adversity in their pursuit of higher education,” per a Purdue for Life foundation webpage.

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