8/5/20 UCH, Mitch Daniels I

Purdue President Mitch Daniels speaks to a small crowd of guests on Aug. 5 at the Union Club Hotel grand opening ceremony.

Purdue University President Mitch Daniels released a statement Tuesday night regarding the controversial Big Ten vote to postpone the fall sports season.

"The Big Ten’s decision was a collective one," Daniels said, "after the Commissioner and several presidents received very strong advice from team doctors and other medical experts that the unique health risks to athletes, especially in collision sports, as well as the risk for coaches and support staff, were too uncertain to proceed in good conscience.

"This had to be a collective action; it would have been impossible for Purdue to play, when many others were determined not to."

Twenty-eight of the 34 conferences in Division I athletics came to the same decision, according to Daniels. Three of the Power Five conferences are proceeding as normal with football.

Daniels' statement, like the Big Ten's, does not rule out the possibility of rescheduled competitions.

"We hope earnestly that we can go forward with competitions later this year, or at least in the spring semester," Daniels said. "Until then, I share our fan’s disappointment and eagerness to see Boilermaker student-athletes back in action as soon as possible."

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