9/10/19 Gateway Complex Announcement, Mitch Daniels Speaking

Mitch Daniels issued an apology letter to several campus organizations during Wednesday's Board of Trustees meeting.

In a statement released Thursday night, Purdue President Mitch Daniels announced the Board of Trustees would consider a policy restricting sports betting on campus at their next meeting.

Daniels reportedly introduced the measure after pressure from Purdue's Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and other university faculty. The policy would bar faculty and staff across the entire university system from betting on Boilermaker athletics.

Sports wagering was decriminalized nationwide in May 2018 when the Supreme Court struck down a 1992 law which had prohibited states from legalizing the practice. The Indiana General Assembly legalized the practice statewide in April of this year.

Restrictions on sports gambling are already in place under the NCAA, but it is unclear whether Purdue's measure would conflict with state law. Under the NCAA, university officials, coaches and athletes are prohibited from any kind of sports wagering, and the Association is seeking national legislation to prohibit betting on collegiate athletics altogether.

Daniels cited a desire to reduce the risk of — or appearance of — insider trading at the University in his statement. The University is also considering expanding the restriction to students as well.

The policy will be introduced and discussed at the Oct. 10 Board of Trustees meeting. 

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