11/8/13 Purdue Swimming, November Triple Duals

Swimmers line up to start a heat of the 200-meter medley relay on Nov. 8, 2013 at the Boilermaker Aquatic Center.

Coming off a big two-win weekend, Purdue’s men’s swimming team hopes to increase its focus for their final dual meet of the fall.

Last Thursday, the team traveled to Oxford, Ohio, where they defeated Miami 207-92. Not 48 hours later, they joined the women’s team in South Bend for their annual meet against Notre Dame. The men left with a tightly contested 161-139 victory.

“Every single race was close. They’ve got great swimmers and a new head coach; we knew it was going to be a tough race, but it was a lot of fun,” said head coach Dan Ross. “Even if we had lost the meet, I just feel the way we handled it was great, but being able to win and perform really well was outstanding. We’ll see how they bounce back this week and get ready for Minnesota.”

Purdue will welcome Western Kentucky to the Boilermaker Aquatic Complex on Friday, their first meet against the Hilltoppers since the early ‘80s. The meet will serve as a final look at the team’s racing before the Minnesota Grand Prix in two weeks.

The Grand Prix, sponsored by USA Swimming, is the headline event of the fall season, hosting both collegiate and professional athletes. After Friday’s meet, the team will begin the process of tapering, or slowly cutting their daily yardage, to be fully rested for the three-day Grand Prix.

Senior Jan Petric has plenty of experience with both the tapering process and the Grand Prix. Last year, Petric finished in the top 25 in four of the five events in which he raced. Petric said that the team’s dedication in practice will do well to prepare them for the big meet.

“The team is practicing super, super well. I’ve had people coming to me and saying the guys are on the right track,” Petric said. “We’re just growing together as a team. (We’re) stronger everyday. No one is happy with the average, that’s what I like. Everyone is trying to go to another level, and show more.”

The men’s swimming team will face off against Western Kentucky Friday at 5 p.m. at the Boilermaker Aquatic Center.

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